While our team crafts an impactful start-up story packed with inspirational words such as “passion” and “meaning” and "dedication," we thought you might like a list of carefully curated, ridiculous buzz words that we’ve collected along the journey. It may seem meta, but even “storytelling” itself makes the cut. So does “meta.”

Guaranteed to make you sound smarter in your next meeting, or at your weekly family barbecue, or during that Applebee's Tinder date where you told her you're an "entrepreneur" because you sold energy drinks from your locker in 10th grade.* Use them to kick off meetings or shout them while walking through crowded airports with AirPods in - you’ll be amazed by how quickly the slippery rungs of the corporate ladder seem easier to grip. Share them with your friends, colleagues, or just keep them to yourself. But whatever you do, sprinkle one in each day to ensure you're achieving your greatest potential:


•“It’s pretty meta”





•Any combination of the words “data” and “collection”

•“Let’s put a pin in that” 

•“Circle back next week” 


•100 emoji



•“Let’s unpack that”

•“It’s all about finding that balance”

•Did we mention “hustle” yet?

If we’re missing any important buzz words, please let us know! We want to make sure everyone is achieving peak performance

*Not actually guaranteed to make you sound smarter. The only thing we can guarantee is that we can’t guarantee anything.