You may be asking yourself, “What’s green rooibos? They’ve said it five times already, I’m not any closer to understanding what it is or how to pronounce it”. Well, you’re in luck!

Touting both function & flavor, superfood Green Rooibos pulls a full experience of tea without caffeine or bitterness. Everyone says it a bit differently, but the most common pronunciation is “roy-bus” or “roy-bis.” Pronunciation discrepancies aside, green rooibos holds properties that help soothe inflammation.


Clean & Organic Ingredients

Sourced from three different continents.


Steeped Slow & Cold

All the flavor, less bitterness. Time, instead of heat, draws out notes lost in more traditional hot-steeping methods.

Cold-Pressured for Freshness

Teahouse-style freshness, on the go.